on FedEx Couriers United


Couriers Need to Stand Together in Order to Make the right changes for our Future!

The FedEx Airplane Mechanics are standing together and getting things done. Couriers need to do the same!

FedEx Mechanics and Related Crafts Deserve Respect & Dignity

In Memphis hundreds of Teamster organizers hit the streets in an effort to help FedEx Express Mechanics join a union, there was a common theme to what everyone said, "All workers want a strong voice, they want to be treated with dignity and respect."

FedEx has a motto known as PSP – or – profit, service, people. That motto is now more like: Profit, Service; Profit … the company is collectively forgetting its people. According to organizers here, the workers are feeling the pinch of corporate America. The company takes advantage of work rules, benefits, and has pulled jump seat privileges.

Yet, the biggest issue, from what I am to understand, has to do with the pensions. Here is a brief summary:

  • Work longer
  • Retire later
  • Have less retirement income
  • Now having to pay for part of their retirement out of their pockets
  • The plans can change again, at any time.

Retiree insurance at FedEx was once $50 per month, it is now at $800; by 2012, the plan will cost $1200 a month. While the squeeze is on, the company suggests that its workers roll their 401K into its cash balance plan.

If this all is not enough, the workers are faced with fears of outsourcing. Jobs are being sent to China and El Salvador … and, these workers need and deserve a strong a Teamster contract.

A website was set up for this campaign at http://www.fedxmx.com/.

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